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mirenesse_01_exclusive_900x900_1_1I recently received this Mirenesse Glossy Lips in my June BirchBox and am LOVING it. First off, I love the color — they sent me an orange/red that looks fabulous with my skin tone, but don’t worry — I will definitely be buying the other colors as well. It comes in four shades, ranging from red to pale pink and everything in between. It’s called glossy but it goes on extremely smooth and doesn’t look so shiny and sticky like some lip glosses. You can also blot it on for a more matte look. If you love lipsticks/lip glosses you must give this one a try today.


I recently bought a pair of Thorlo socks at Nordstrom to go with my new workout outfit and absolutely LOVE them! I probably have 50 pairs of socks, ranging from fluffy ones to wear on a cold winter night, to regular peds to wear around the house, to socks I only wear to the gym. Up until I bought a pair of Thorlo’s, I could not find the right pair of socks for the gym. No sneakers will be comfortable unless you have the right pair of socks to wear with them. Thats where Thorlo comes in.


Research shows that the fat pads on the bottom of our feet get thinner with time and activity, and gradually lose their protective properties. Research further shows that by age 50, many people—especially if they’re active—have lost half the fatty padding under the balls and heels of their feet.

Thorlos clinically-tested padding provides dense cushioned support to help make up for this natural loss of fat pads. Padding is positioned in exactly the right anatomical places to provide protection for the ball and heel so your feet feel well cushioned and comfortable. Many wearers report their feet feel years younger when wearing Thorlos clinically-tested padded socks that have been fitted properly with their shoes.

*Information taken from

My favorite part of these socks, in addition to the comfort and support they provide, is the 5 great colors that they come in (I can match all my gym outfits with my socks now) and that they are made in the US. I find that everything I buy lately (as I’m sure all of you do as well) is made overseas and I am so glad to find things that I like that are made in the USA. It is VERY rare.

The Thorlo socks (colored) run for about $14.95 at Nordstrom but are on sale now until June 5th. Get yours today!


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