Rewind three years ago (and three Bachelor seasons) to season 14 with Jake Pavelka. Elizabeth Kitt was one of the ladies fighting for Jake Pavelka’s affections. In case you don’t recall, Jake chose Vienna Girardi and they split shortly after in June 2010. You might remember Elizabeth (29 at the time), the blonde bombshell (now a brunette!) who also went on season one (2010) of Bachelor Pad for the opportunity to win $250,000. There, she partnered with Jesse Kovacs, her love interest and boyfriend (of a couple of months before the show), until she got eliminated during after the sixth week of competition. Elizabeth didn’t find love or win the money on either show, but she did come out of it a better person. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to meet Elizabeth through Twitter, talk to her, and share her experience on the Bachelor and Bachelor Pad with all of you.

A.L.: What were your intentions going on The Bachelor?

E.K.: My mom (God love her) submitted for the show after I had experienced a very tough break up. When I got the call from ABC I 3465121_56933f79-8859-4266-9778-4b44a8d1091f-51113100 had heard about the Bachelor of course, but I had only watched an episode of it here and there so I didn’t know a lot about what I was in for. I figured I would find love (and possibly my husband) on the show as crazier things have happened!!

A.L.: Were you falling in love with Jake at the time or with the idea of falling in love in the dream setting on the show?

E.K.: I think I would have liked to have fallen in love on the show, but you never know how you’re going to react in a setting like  that where a lot of women are fighting to get time with one man, and he’s sharing his feelings with you and everyone else. That setting was not for me, and my walls went up immediately. There was no chance of me letting my guard down to be vulnerable to a man in a setting like that. I’m able to let me guard down ONLY in a setting where the man makes me feel like I’m the only woman in the world.


A.L.: On the Bachelor, you were very different from the other women, in the sense that you didn’t kiss Jake right away, or as quickly as the other women. We did see some notes being passed to Jake that mentioned you wouldn’t kiss him unless/until you were the last girl standing. What was your reasoning behind that? The background? Did you think it would work to your advantage?

E.K.: Good question! Here’s how the whole “letter” and “decision to not kiss Jake” thing really went down. I had been slipping Jake little notes since the first night. I thought it would be a good way for him to get to know me since the producers don’t allow you to have any time with him. That backfired on me when the producers found out about the notes and forced me to read the note allowed. I was NOT HAPPY about that at all. They (of course) edited the footage of me reading the letter so it showed me saying whatever they wanted me to say. The letter was much better than what was aired, and I think Jake respected it which is why he gave me the safe rose that night.

After he and I sat alone under fireworks at Magic Mountain, the producers cut our time short because I wouldn’t kiss him, so they took us home in separate cars and I got screamed at by one of the producers in my car. He said “I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” And I said “Do what?” And he said “I wouldn’t not kiss him!”
The next time I saw Jake he was completely different. I think the producers convinced him that I was playing games with him and stringing him along, so he let me go that night.
My reasoning for not wanting to kiss was mostly about wanting to hold off on the physical, to see if a spark could happen first. I  think it’s easy to get emotions confused when it starts off 100% physical. Also, kissing is very intimate for me, and knowing he was kissing all the other girls made my walls go up BIG TIME!
Do I think not kissing caused me to go home so early? Yes. Absolutely. Do I regret it? No, not at all. It’s important in life to stand behind your convictions. Never be afraid to be different. If it causes you to not get the guy, then that guy is not the one for you!! :-)
(fast forward to the 7:45 mark)

A.L.: What was your reaction when you were approached to be on Bachelor Pad?

E.K.: HECK YES!!! I was very excited to be picked to be a part of the VERY FIRST Bachelor Pad and the chance to win $250,000!!! We didn’t know what to expect since it was the first of its kind, but being able to go back to the Bachelor house and spend time competing against “family” was a pretty cool chance to get.

A.L.: Did you truly believe you were falling in love with Jesse Kovacs and he was falling in love with you?

E.K.: Here’s the thing about that. Jesse and I had been dating for a few months PRIOR to being on the show. We had spent quite a bit of time together: I met his family and took a trip back home with him; he met my mom when she came out to L.A. to visit me, etc. We had even told each other we were falling in love. When I told him I was offered the chance to go on the Bachelor Pad, he supported me in my decision to go on the show, but he told me that he wasn’t approached for the show. So it was a complete shock for me when he arrived to the house that first day, and it devastated me that he was acting like we weren’t a couple at first. I didn’t know what he was trying to do me. $250,000 was on the line and he chose not to discuss it with me prior to going on the show, so I didn’t know who to trust. I don’t care if the producers told him not to tell me, you don’t do that to someone you supposedly care about.

Elizabeth & Jesse aka “Kovacs” (Bachelor Pad Season 1)

A.L.: Did you consider the fact that he was just “playing” you to win the game?

E.K.: Yes. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Hence all the tears!!

A.L.: Did the negative press or discussion on either show bother you? How did you handle it?

E.K.: Yes it did bother me. I think if I had been a “Reality Show Junkie” going into all of this I would have been more prepared about what I was getting myself into and then I would have been able to make a more informed choice whether I wanted to put myself through all of that or not, but I barely watched much T.V., and I didn’t know the Bachelor “process”. I didn’t know that there were group dates, hometown dates, one-on-one dates, etc. The girls in the house had to explain all of that to me, lol! There’s nothing that can prepare you for the way they edit the show, and there’s NOTHING that can prepare you for the awful things you read about online in blogs, and message boards. My friends from the show warned me not to read that stuff, but I couldn’t help it I read it all. I was pretty scarred for a while after all of it, but at the end of the day I’m me. I have friends and family who love me, and I’m strong in my faith, so those are the things that get you through any tough experience in life.

A.L.: Did you enjoy being on The Bachelor or Bachelor Pad more? Why?

E.K.: The Bachelor Pad!! Even though I had a tough time with the Kovacs thing, we did have a LOT OF FUN filming the show. It  wasn’t ALL tears and no fun. I was lucky to have made friends with a lot of the contestants BEFORE going on the show so when we got there it was like a mini vacation with my friends!

A.L.: Did you remain close with any of the women from The Bachelor and fellow Bachelor Pad contestants? If so, who?

E.K.: Yes! Natalie Getz and I live literally one mile apart in Hermosa Beach, so we get together quite a bit and she makes me laugh with her quirky/fun humor. Ashley Elmore is a dear friend and Kathryn Sherlock. I LOVE Jessie Sulidis, but it’s tough to get to see her very often since she lives in Canada. I LOVE Channy Choch (the “landing strip” girl) from my season too, but it’s hard to align our schedules. One of my BFF’s is Rebecca Revel from Brad’s second season! I didn’t see the show (of course) but I met her at a charity event in Venice Beach and we clicked instantly.

A.L.: Do you watch Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor?

E.K.: Since being on the show I try to watch the first episode of every season so that I at least know the contestants. This way I’m not COMPLETELY out of the loop. But no, I haven’t been faithfully watching (sorry).

A.L.: What do you think makes Sean such a great (and attractive) Bachelor (besides his 12 pack abs and gorgeous body)?

E.K.: From what I know of Sean, I think it’s attractive that not only is he a tall and handsome guy with a nice body and great smile, but from what I’ve read in magazines he has strong morals and stands behind his convictions. I think that’s attractive in a man. A man who is strong in his faith and lives by it, is extremely attractive to me! If that’s truly who he is, he will make some lucky woman very happy one day.

A.L.: Who is your favorite bachelorette out of the final four? Why?

E.K.: From the LIMITED knowledge I know about the final four, I like Desiree Hartsock mostly because I know a girl who used to be her roommate here in L.A.! Also, from what I’ve seen on the show she seems cool, and sweet, and able to just roll with anything that comes her way.

A.L.: Although you haven’t seen all of the episodes this season, Selma had told Sean she couldn’t kiss Sean (because of her background) on their one-on-one date. At one of the cocktail parties, she surprised him and kissed him (she might realized her not kissing him could be a reason for him to let her go), but he sent her home that evening regardless. Do you think her intentions were similar to yours (despite her background)? Do you think that is what caused Sean to send her home that quickly?

A.L.: Trista and Ryan and Jason and Molly are the only couples to have gotten married from the show. Do you think it’s possible to fall in love on the show through all of the drama and fantasy dates?

E.K.: I do. Simply because love finds us. I’m a firm believer of that. I think this show provides a fun and entertaining way of letting people meet, but the show itself is not what makes love happen. Love is the ONE THING that you can’t force. It’s either there or it’s not there. Sometimes it’s there for one person and not the other (which sucks). But on rare occasions love happens equally between two people and it’s pretty magical. The Bachelor has been pretty successful and putting people together after the show too, (Jesse Csincsak and Ann Lueders; Peyton Wright and Chris Lambton; Holly Durst and Blake Julian; John Presser and Tara Durr…have I left anyone out?!) which I think is pretty awesome!!

A.L.: What would you say to any future contestants to go on The Bachelor to fight for a guys love or on Bachelor Pad?

E.K.: KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GETTING INTO!!! And DON’T FIGHT WITH THE PRODUCERS!! When I wasn’t comfortable photo 1-5 kissing Jake the producers were furious with me, but I told them I wasn’t going to do it just because they wanted me to. I was kicked off the next possible chance. Just go with the flow, and always try to stay under the radar until the very end! Also, DON’T READ THE MESSAGE BOARDS and blogs!! You’ll develop insecurities you never would have had!

A.L.: What have you been doing since the shows? Do you have a boyfriend? Where do you see yourself in the future? Would you ever be on The Bachelor again?

E.K.: Since the show I’ve been working for a prestigious Ophthalmology group in Beverly Hills! So if you would like to get LASIK from THE BEST surgeons around, go to! Do I have a boyfriend? Yes I do! I’m not ready to say just yet, but he’s someone you would know! :) Where do I see myself in the future? Well, I do hope that marriage and family is in my future some day. Other than that, I can’t really answer that. Would you ever be on The Bachelor again?  I never say never to anything, but I would NEVER again put my life on hold for an opportunity that makes someone else rich at the expense of my own well being. I’ll just leave it at that. If I was presented with an opportunity which paid me very well, then sign me up. But no otherwise. It’s not worth it.

A.L.: Are there any deep, dark secrets that you kept and would like to share now from your experiences on either show? Bachelor nation would love to know!

E.K.: Deep, dark secrets….oooh, I have a LOT of those. BUT there are some things that are best kept within the “family”. I will say that something I think everyone should know is that when you’re watching the show and the couple is having a nice/romantic dinner, that food is ICE COLD!!!! We didn’t get a chance to eat much on the dates, but the alcohol is always just an arms length away!

Thank you to Elizabeth for sharing her experiences on both, The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad! Hope you enjoy Bachelor Nation!

If you don’t follow her on Twitter already, you can @elizabethkitt22


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